Lights Up: Lighting up the Workplace for Improved Productivity

Employee performance and productivity depends on several different factors. Some of them include the office size, the overall setup of the work area, and the lighting. Of all these elements, it’s often the lighting that doesn’t get much attention. It’s easy to ignore the effects of poor lighting, but when errors or a decrease in sales occurs, you’ll start thinking of ways to solve the problem.

It’s clear that poor lighting has a negative effect on the eyes, but it’s only one of its effects. Interior design is an important part of setting up an office, and proper lighting improves the work environment. Whether you’re planning to open up a new office or make improvements to the space you currently use, these lighting ideas will help give your employees more reasons to stay and love their work.

Bright Colours

The colour of your walls affects the overall setting and ambiance in your office. Bright colours are better because they are energizing, stimulate the senses, and can also boost employee creativity and imagination. Consider repainting your walls to improve the lighting and aesthetics inside the office. The Caretakers can help you do this.

Lighting Fixtures

Dim lighting causes eye strain, drowsiness, and headache. The same is true with very harsh lighting. Your employees won’t be able to concentrate if they’re experiencing these symptoms. It’s best to ask your workers how they feel about your office lighting and look for possible alternatives to improve the space.

Natural Light

Don’t underestimate the power of natural light as an effective and efficient alternative to common lighting fixtures. Maybe you just need to open up your windows or make some improvements to the office setup. Our team specialises in office renovation and fit out; we can make your work area a better place. We make it so that more light enters the room by rearranging furniture and making adjustments, such as installing glass windows.

The Caretakers can help with all your office improvement needs. Contact us to learn about our renovation services and get answers to your questions.