I Need Space: Office Design Ideas for Small Areas

Size doesn’t matter; performance does – if there’s an area where this principle applies, that would be your office. Small areas aren’t really a problem as long as you have the foresight to create a layout that works for your needs in the workplace.

Fortunately, the key to a great small office is as easy and memorable as A-B-C. Here are some strategies you could use for your space in your next renovation.

Attaining Arrangement

Remember that you’re working with a limited area, so arrangement and organisation are key players here. Strategise where the storage should go and where the desks must stay. Ceilings should be high enough to create some breathing room, and the lighting – preferably, natural lighting – should be adequate for a better atmosphere.

When you’re pushed against a wall, use the vertical space. High shelves might just perfect your office’s organisation. An organised space makes a huge difference in the feel and function of a room, as there’s a larger area for moving around.

Building Borders

Some say cubicles are passé, while others contest that open-plan offices are counterproductive. Neither is exactly correct, as the trick to a great office layout is a balance between the two. You have to think about where to set up walls and where to create open areas.

Think about ergonomics, and the natural flow your employees would work and move around. Everything should be practical, and that applies even in the way you establish private corners and open spaces.

Corralling Clutter

What jam-packs many small offices is the huge amount of clutter, which, in essence, they could do away with. Utilise desks and shelves to stash items you don’t frequently use. Again, think about the practicality of the layout. Keep those things you use on a daily basis within reach and keep the items you seldom touch away from plain view.

Small areas aren’t a problem when you know how to organise and strategise the space’s layout. At The Caretakers, we provide complete office partitioning, fitouts, and refurbishments. We work closely with our clients to achieve the most optimal space design for the area. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.