Steel Stud and Plasterboard Systems

We proudly install Australian made plasterboard office partitioning for that clean, architectural look.

Combine these products with our acoustic cavity batts for recognised sound proofing.

Our latest innovation is our new Dustfree Sanding System. This really does make a difference… Airborne dust is extracted as the walls are sanded, making the clean up simple and keeping computer equipment dust free. Insist upon dustfree sanding, your staff, cleaners and electrical equipment will thank you!

Demountable Offices

Demountable office partitions offer the flexibility of easy relocation, either across the building or across Perth!

Our Modular office partition panels come in a range of heights suitable for office workstations, or floor to ceiling.

Our panels can be glazed to suit your requirements and come in a range of decorative finishes and acoustic finishes.


The Caretakers install all types of office ceilings and bulkheads. Both Flush and acoustic tile/grid ceilings are our specialty.

Contact The Caretakers now for the most experienced, professional office partitioning service in the Perth metro area.