5 Reasons Why Open Plan Offices Work

5 Reasons Why Open Plan Offices Work

The open plan office has been with us for some time now, and while it does foster dialogue and open communication, there are many more benefits to the concept.

Modern business demands teamwork, and an open plan office makes every employee accessible, and by building a good team spirit, you can create a positive attitude among your staff. If you are yet to be convinced that an open plan office is the best working environment, here are a few more reasons why businesses worldwide are opting for shared workspace:

  • Design Flexibility — This is probably one of the main reasons why open plan offices are so popular, and with portable partitions and screening, it is possible to achieve a balance between open plan and employee privacy. Not only that, the design can be changed around every few months, and your employees will never grow too familiar with their working environment.
  • Approachability — Open plan offices encourage communication across the board, while the traditional compartmentalised offices made people feel that management were not on the same level as the staff. Modern business practices encourage equality, and the boss would eat and relax in the same space as everyone else, which breaks down those traditional barriers between management and workers.
  • Promotes Teamwork — Open plan office environments definitely encourage teamwork, with dialogue and problem solving sessions that create an unbreakable bond, and it is this team spirit that enables a company to excel in every department. Regular meetings will inspire every member of the team, and by rewarding excellent performance, your team will always be motivated.
  • Improved Flow of Information — This must lead to improved efficiency and performance, and by involving your staff at every level, they will feel like they have some ownership, and will therefore go the extra mile whenever it is called for. If different departments talk to each other, any communication difficulties will soon become apparent and can be overcome.
  • Tailored Space — With a traditional office, you are limited with internal walls and rooms, and this cannot really be altered in any way. Using screens and partitions, you can create the ideal workstations that give your employees that necessary privacy, while still retaining that open plan concept. If you are about to relocate, or would like to change the existing office ambience, talk to a professional office fitout company who can suggest a range of designs and work with the client to ensure the finished product achieves the aims of the redesign.

Customised Solutions

The Caretakers have been refurbishing offices in Western Australia since 1978, and we like to think we really know our business, and being customer focused, we always aim to please. If you would like our design help, feel free to contact us at any time, and hopefully, we can design the ideal office space that will improve efficiency and performance.

Office redesign is beneficial to a business in more ways the one, and with professional design and installation, your employees will enjoy coming to work, and this will be reflected in the company’s revenue.