How Employees Perform Better in Their Own Space

Open workspaces are the current trend in designing offices. Companies believe that this design empowers employees because it opens lines of communication and allows easy brainstorming. But, this type of work environment isn’t for everyone; some workers perform better when they have their own space.

Put Up Partitions, Improve Performance

Open-spaced offices have advantages and disadvantages. This design increases the likelihood of spreading diseases and germs. The noise generated by a colleague playing loud music or speaking on the phone distracts others.

Providing your employees with their own space offers similar benefits as an open office. Partitioned spaces provide workers their own place to think, concentrate and recover. An employee will not worry about catching an illness when a co-worker sneezes or comes in sick. They will also have time to gather their thoughts, focus on the task at hand and let their creative juices flow without interruptions.

With their own space, they can personalise their cubicle and make it as comfortable as possible. This gives them a sense of control over their work and a place to rest and recharge in the office. The advantages provided by partitioned spaces improve productivity, performance and reduce the number of employees calling in sick.

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