Office Efficiency: The Balance Between Open and Partitioned Stations

There has been much debate about how open or partitioned workspaces will improve employee performance and retention. Some organizations prefer the free-flowing floor plan, while others like the privacy of a partitioned station. Striking a balance between the two will enable you to get the best of both worlds.

The Middle Ground

An open floor plan office is not just a handful of people throwing around innovative ideas; it may also be the cause of distractions and the spread of a virus. Open offices have their pros and cons. However, just because some of its aspects are detrimental to office productivity, it does not mean that it is disadvantageous entirely. One could also use the same logic behind the use of partitioned offices. It has its benefits, but also a downside that may affect certain employees.

Finding the middle ground between a partitioned and open floor plan office enables you to get the best out of both layouts. To create a balance between the two designs, choose certain rooms that follow the open floor plan. Common rooms, pantries, dining areas or even a meeting room are ideal places for this type of layout. This allows your workforce to exchange ideas, communicate with each other or create a sense of community.

Employees may need a place to recharge and gather their thoughts after a meeting, though. Their own partitioned station enables them to do this. With help from The Caretakers, have your office renovated to find a balance between these two distinct layouts.

The Caretakers: Taking Care of Office Renovations

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