5 Renovation Tricks to Reduce Office Noise

Noise has always been one of the major distractions in the office.There is the constant buzzing and beeping of machines, the occasional chit-chat between co-workers, and the traffic noise outside the office. At one point, all these things can be annoying and, in effect, hamper your staff’s productivity. Indeed, the sound levels in an office are truly a major concern.

Fortunately, a few renovation tricks can address the issue of noise. Here are some of the noise-suppressing renovation tricks we use here at The Caretakers:

Design a ‘Softer’ Office

One of the key rules in designing a quieter office is to replace hard surfaces with softer ones. Why? This is because hard surfaces, such as glass, metal, and concrete amplify noise. On a different note, acoustic ceiling tiles, linoleum tiles, carpets, and other soft surfaces absorb sound.

Create Partitions

Open floor plans have become quite popular in the last few years, but such an office layout creates a noisy environment. Nevertheless, one easy renovation trick to address this is through the creation of partitions. This doesn’t spell the return of cubicles, but rather half-walls and barriers that absorb the ambient office sounds. Consider partitions in your workspace when you want better acoustic control.

Improve Insulation

Renovators often suggest adding cellulose or fibreglass insulation to the building’s façade, roof, and walls. Doing so reduces the transmission of exterior noise. Multiple-pane windows also help.

Reposition Equipment

Sometimes, all you need is to reposition some office equipment. This means moving the fax machine and photocopier away from the main work area to a smaller room and changing the layout of computers to lessen the noise. It’s always a good idea to separate all your bulky and noisy appliances from your staff.

Use Plants

Take a lesson from Mother Nature and integrate plants in your office design. Apart from adding some colour, plants also act as cushions for sound. Hedges of plants effectively reflect sound waves and reduce background noise.

Our master renovators use these tricks (alongside a few secret tricks of our own) to maintain an atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity. Give us a call today and let’s talk about what we can do for your office space.