Staying Fit at a Desk Job

Staying fit was never an easy task, but it’s gotten even harder in recent years because of office work. There aren’t enough hours in the day between work, the daily commute, eating, showering, and sleeping to do any kind of exercise. In addition, the stress of work makes most employees reach for the chip bag more than they usually would have.

This leads many people to become overweight, depressed, and perform poorly. Having a positive body image can do wonders for any employee, and most would do anything to become comfortable in their skin again. Fortunately, there are ways they can achieve their goals of getting fit without sacrificing so much of their time for it.

Walk Everywhere

Jogging is such a big chore for anyone busy with their work to bother with. First, joggers need the right shoes and clothes, then they need to choose a route. That’s not even tackling the sweat and showers joggers have to do after their run. All those requirements would take at least an hour of time.

Instead of jogging, busy office workers can just walk, they’re probably already doing some of it, so it won’t take much to do a bit more. They can walk to get lunch, take a slightly longer route to the bus station, take the stairs, walk to your colleague’s desk, so on and so forth. This is actually effective, especially aspeople burn the same amount of calories per meter, regardless if they walk or run. The only difference between the two is the time it takes to reach point A and point B.

The Most Important Meal

Never skip breakfast, as it’s the most important meal of the day for a reason. People starve themselves while they sleep, and the body responds by slowing the metabolism. The body will keep those levels low if it goes without breakfast because it thinks there’s a shortage in food, and it needs to conserve as much as it can. When lunch rolls around, the body will crave for fatty foods to supplement its lost energy stores; couple that with low metabolism and that could lead to becoming overweight.

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