Small Office Additions that Boost Productivity

Whenever you get a new office, the company usually gives you three things to do your job: a chair, a desk, and a computer. There could be a desk organiser to help keep track of paperwork.

These bare essentials will hardly get anyone through the day, which is why most people bring some of their things to work to help them do their jobs. But, companies often put restrictions on the number of things employees can bring to their stations. After all, it’s a place of business, not your personal space.

As the number of things you can place on your desk is limited, what items should every desk have to boost productivity and creativity in your output? The answer to this question varies from person to person depending on their temperament. Nevertheless, there are a few things that remain constant in their usefulness to an employee.

Care About Your Eyes

The first thing a productive employee needs is additional lighting; a small desk lamp should be perfect for that purpose. The office lights might seem fine at first, but those were meant to illuminate the entire room. It might be subtle, but insufficient lighting can cause headaches and eye fatigue, especially when reading. Avoid these conditions by bathing your station in light.

Cover Your Eyes

Some offices need to take calls from clients. Getting a headset is one of the best things employees in that line of work will ever use. There’s nothing better than being able to talk naturally without having one sweaty ear and a cramping elbow at the end of the conversation.

Get ‘Back’ to Work

This last one really isn’t something people can bring into the office on their own, but they can make a formal request for it from their managers. Desk workers are often required to sit in front of computers for hours at a time, which will take a toll on their posture. Ergonomic chairs will curb this effect by making back take its natural curve, making work more comfortable with time.

Don’t let work be a morning torture chamber, and make it as comfortable as possible. Contact us today, and we can give you advice on how to make your office better suited for your people.