A Sense of the Outdoors: Using Indoor Plants inside the Office

Indoor plants aren’t just perfect for homes, they are also ideal for the workplace. Designing your office with indoor plants is an economical and all-natural way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. Plants bring a sense of the outdoors inside. Plants invigorate a boring office design, bring life to plain interiors, and fill up spaces. They also freshen up the atmosphere, accentuate furniture, and improve health and overall wellbeing. According to studies, plants also reduce stress and improve productivity.

Now that you’ve discovered the many benefits of indoor plants, it’s time to design your office with beautiful greens.

Here are a few design ideas:

Get Creative with Pots and Containers

Plants can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office, but they do more if planted in stylish and colourful pots and containers. You can place plants on almost any container, so be creative and find those that complement your office décor. Veer away from traditional clay pots; place your greens in decorative vessels, ceramic vases, or colourful glass containers.

Select Different Types

You don’t have to stick to a single type of plant when decorating your office with greenery. It’s best to select at least three to four types to have a variety. Some of the best indoor plants to place in the corners of the office or on top of desks include Peace Lillies, Bromeliads, Snake Plants, Yucca, Walking Iris, and Madagascar Dragon Trees.

Combine Indoor Plants Together

Some indoor plants look great alone, but many are best paired with other types of plants. Plants look more striking en masse. Mixing a group of indoor plants in different pots and containers can give your office a bit of texture. Enliven a corner in your lounge by combining Snake Plants, Bromeliads, and Peace Lillies together. Breathe new life into your pantry with Yucca, Madagascar Dragon Trees, and Walking Iris.

Indoor plants, along with a stunning workplace décor, and stylish and functional office furniture, can make the workplace a more comfortable place to work in. If you’re planning an office fit out, contact us today. We’ll help you design an office that is stylish, functional, and comfortable all at the same time.