How to Make Your Start-Up Office Look Like Google Headquarters

Some people aspire to work at Google not because they want to have access to the world’s most sophisticated technology or to interact with some of the smartest people; others want to be part of it because they want to experience what it’s like to work in such an incredible workplace. Shallow as the reason may seem, but that’s how awesome Google offices are.

You should put office aesthetics on the upper portion of your list, as it helps foster creativity and productivity among your employees. This is hard work if you’re running a start-up that may be working in small and narrow spaces. But if you still want to Google-fy your workplace, follow the tips below.

Blank Walls are a No-No

The wall is one of the first things your employees will turn to if they run out of creative juices. To keep those juices flowing, it will be wise if your wall has some visual treats. If you feel that going for colour blocks is trite, why not dress your walls in graffiti or wallpapers of skyscrapers. Scour the web for the Chelsea office of Google, and you’ll see that an NYC apartment wallpaper is on their wall.


Google is known to repurpose things. For instance, they repurposed a fireman’s pole or a slide to make descending to the lower floor a whole lot easier. If you think that this is structurally impossible in your case, look around and let your imagination run free. Why not use picnic tables as lunch tables? You may also use Ping-Pong tables as conference tables.

Be Novel, Bring Novel

Google has a replica of a T-Rex skeleton in their garden. In their office in Zurich, they have small domes that serve as mini conference halls. While you can’t assemble a T-Rex skeleton on site or build igloo-like shelters within the office, you may choose to bring in an old Ferris wheel car, refurbish it, and use it as a small meeting room. Google has done this, too.

Work is Also Fun and Games

Google offices around the world have pool tables, small basketball courts, and a movie room. If you feel like that these ideas are extravagant, replace them with the basics. Put a foosball table or a Ping-Pong table. You may set up a mini bar where everyone can chill on Fridays.

Building an office that looks like Google’s needs careful planning. If you’re planning to do this, though, you need to work with a reliable office renovator. Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your office design and ergonomics.